Great day at New Kaloko Parish, Ndola – Zambia

St. John the Baptist -bookWith great thankfulness to our confrere Reinhold Bloching for his pastoral and social work at New Kaloko Parish, Rt. Rev. Alick Banda gave the sacrament of confirmation to 99 young and some not so young people on the 17th March 2013. This first official visit of the Bishop coincided with the launching of a small book of 25 pages entitle: “St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (New Kaloko)” written by our confrere.
When Reinhold came to New Kaloko in January 1996, he had to face a new world even though he was already in Zambia for many years. He started by making a survey of the population, its religious and tribal composition, its social challenges and the history of this newly created compound where people occupied illegally any open space near the industrial area of Ndola. “As I got more and more involved with our Christians and the population at large, I was also challenged. Thus I started various religious and social initiatives”, wrote Reinhold.
Yearly reports over the development in the compound provided the necessary content for the writing of the book answering the wishes to the Christians of New Kaloko. Printed by Mission Press in Ndola, written in Chibemba, the book is well illustrated and can be purchase in Ndola or at the Missionaries of Africa in Woodlands at the price of only 5 Kwacha.
Congratulations to Reinhold Bloching for this beautiful achievement.

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4 thoughts on “Great day at New Kaloko Parish, Ndola – Zambia

  1. Umwina Mbulo

    Fr. Reinhold Bloching is a great man I was in a Kalolo under his stewardship and I learned a lot from his simplicity and love for the people. May God help you Fr. to continue your good works.
    Clenerius Chimpali

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