Bulletin JIPC-ED No 8 February – March 2013

Bulletin JPIC-ED No 8 February -march 2013

Passion of Christ,
Passion of Victims of Modern-Day Slavery
After his campaign in the different cities and towns of Europe, Cardinal Lavigerie went back home to Algiers. The campaign was not finished. He immediately seized on the celebrations of Good Friday (19th April 1889) to invite the Christians to see, in the sufferings of the slaves, the continuity of the passion and cross of Christ. For him, Christian compassion with the suffering Christ should necessarily lead to com-passion with the victims of slavery. Elsewhere in his campaign, he used the text of the Last Judgment of Mathew 25: 31ff, to come to the same conclusion.  (…)          By Richard Nnyombi, M.Afr    READ MORE