Father Some’s Farewell Party in Serenje

There were plenty of people on Sunday the 3rd February to bid farewell to Father Evariste Some after being the parish priest for four years at the Parish of St. Peter in Serenje, Kabwe Diocese. In attendance were Christopher Chileshe, Oswald Mallya, who is the incoming parish priest, Faustin Kerumbe, Marc Nsanzurwimo, Emmanuel Mambwe, Everisto Mwelwa and the two stagiaires Fitiwi Abraha and Patrick Sebyera. Father Some will be going soon to Rome for studies in view of formation in his home province of PAO.

05 Serenje St.Peter Church 07Father Some was the main celebrant for the Eucharistic celebration while the reception took place at the hall in town in the afternoon. A colourful send-off in which parishioners congratulated Father Some included a banquet, speecEvaristo_Mwelwahes and gifts. In his word of thanks, Father Some urged the Christians to support the new parish priest in the same spirit as they did for him. The SAP, and Zambia Sector in particular, wishes Father Some all the best and thanked him for his good apostolate. By Everisto Mwelwa, M.Afr

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