Our house in Ndola

According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ndola), the population of Ndola has reached 774,757 inhabitants. Founded in 1904 by John “Chiripula” Stephenson, just six months after Livingstone, Ndola has always been an administrative town linked with the Rhodesian Railway as early as 1907. Over time, Ndola became the capital of the Copperbelt.

The Franciscan Conventuals from Italy arrived in 1931 and the White Fathers came a year later. For many decades, Ndola was the centre of the country until the seventies when Lusaka grew in size and importance, being the capital. Ndola airport was the entry point in Zambia for a long time. This is why Ndola became a vital centre for all the dioceses of Northern Zambia. Lorries were sent to get all the necessary goods for those dioceses. The Procure of Ndola has been a vibrant place for over half a century until better roads and general development in the country allowed the Northern part of Zambia to find other ways to meet its own needs. Like the town, the activities of the Procure went down. Fortunately, our confreres are still very active in various pastoral activities as hospital Chaplain or ministering in parishes like New Kaloko and others. As Ndola seems to resurrect economically from its lethargy with the prospect of major investments in a new oil refinery from private investors, our missionary presence may also increase in near future.

Still in Ndola are our confreres Reinhold Bloching and Piet Verkleij. Denis Laliberté went back home to Canada for health reason as well as Maurits De Weerdt to Belgium for his retirement. Jules Roy joined the community recently.

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