St. Lawrence Parish opening celebration

Come to have life abundantly

It is under this motto that the new Parish of St. Lawrence opened the celebration of its dedication on the 16th September 2012. Even though the new church is quite impressive in size, the celebration took place outside under a most welcome fresh wind. The Archbishop Telesphore George Mpundu officiated mass.
St. Lawrence grew from Kabwata Parish where we also have confreres. Both places are separated by only few kilometres. Various lay groups and movements are very active together with 18 small Christian communities located in Misisi and Kamwala South. Other activities include a maize mill, a car park, block making, computer centre, carpentry, basic school and Home of Hope Centre for street children.
Brief historical events:
September 1997: first blocks of classrooms – Community School. November 25, 1998: official acquisition of the land. 1998: beginning of Home of Hope by the Catholic Women’s League. 1999: development of the Special Needs Centre. 2000: construction of the Multipurpose Hall. 2004: beginning of Catechetical instruction. 2005: construction of the priest’s house and first celebration of the first communion and children’s baptisms. 2007: construction of the research Clinic and computer Centre. November 2009: beginning of the construction of the actual church. March 2010: arrival of Theresians Sisters. June 12, 2011: opening and blessing of the church by His Eminence Medardo Cardinal J. Mazombwe. January 15, 2012: arrival of the first Missionaries of Africa’s community of Antoon van Kessel, Jacek Rakowski and then stagiaire Ernest Katembo Ngetha.

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