Our confreres in Mozambique

Father Timothée Bationo, Burkinabe, Matacuane – Father Jean de Dieu Bukuru, Burundian, Dombe – Father Fernando Pérez, Spanish, Nazaré – Father Marcin Perfikowski, Polish, Sussundenga – Father Franco Pinna, Italian, Beira, Inhamizua – Father Fidel Salazar del Muro, Mexican, Nazaré – Father Florent Sibiri Sawadogo, Burkinabe, Dombe – Father Hugh Seenan, British, Nazaré – Bishop J. Francisco Silota, Mozambican, Chimoio – Father Richard Ujwigowa, Congolese, Sussundenga – Father Bernhard Wernke, German, Dombe -Father Boris Yabre, Burkinabe, Sussundenga – Father Claudio Zuccala, Italian, Nazaré.

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